Resource Separations, Texas, USA

Resource Separations is a joint venture between RSL's Canadian sister company, Refrigerant Services Inc, and Refigerant Salvage Inc, with production facilities in Longview, Texas. Resource Separations is focused on the separation of a wide range of refigerant and solvent mixtures producting high yields exceeding 95% and often upto 98% purity. Resource Separations offers a service which is tailored to each client's needs so that, in addition to processing large quantities of mixtures, smaller volumes can also be handled economically.

Refrigerant Services Inc is the recognised leader in applying fractional distillation to the separation of mixed refrigerants and solvents at high yields. RSI is believed to be the only company in the world offering a packaged separation service for refrigerant and solvent mixtures.

Some of the main products and services available from Resource Separations are:

  • Separation of a wide range of mixed refrigerants and solvents.
  • Separation and treatment of close boiling mixed refrigerants including some azeotropic mixtures.
  • High yield separation techniques enables the company to return the highest yields, often in excess of 95% and usually closer to 98%, to the industry.
  • Processes include fractional distillation and chemical extraction using a combination of patented, patent pending and proprietary technologies.
  • Examples of mixtures separated are R12/22, R12/R134a, R12/R502, R22/R134a, R22/R502, R12/R113, R12/R114, R11/R113, R12/R11, R12/R500, R134a/R152a, R113/R114, R22/R113, R114/R22 and others.

Contact Information

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    Ron Stevenson
    David Stevenson
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    RT 16
    Box 308A
    Texas, TX 75603
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    00 1 903 643 3125
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