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Refrigerant Solutions Ltd (RSL) has developed the "RS" series of refrigerants as non ozone depleting drop-in replacements for CFCs and HCFCs. These versatile new refrigerants can be used with existing traditional lubricants, such as mineral and alkylbenzene oils, thereby making the switch away from Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) to non ozone depleting alternatives straightforward and low cost.

RSL is constantly developing new products to help facilitate the change from ODS, and the RS range currently contains the following refrigerants:

  • RS-24 (R426A): zero ODP drop-in replacement for R12.
  • RS-44 (R424A): zero ODP drop-in replacement for R22 and particularly suited to air conditioning applications.
  • RS-45 (R434A): replacement for R22 in OEM & retrofit applications. Suitable in flooded systems.
  • RS-50 (R442A): low global warming replacement for R404A & R404A, and R22 in refrigeration.
  • RS-51 (R470B): non-flammable replacement for R404A & R507 with GWP below 750.
  • RS-52 (R428A): replacement for R502, R22 at low temperatures & ozone depleting interim blends.
  • RS-53 (R470A): very low global warming replacement for R410A.
  • RS-70 (R453A): lowest GWP drop-in replacement for R22 on the market

These new products aim to enable users of ODS to change out their systems to non ozone depleting replacements with minimum inconvenience and cost while not losing out on performance across the range of applications that are common in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.