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Zero ODP replacement for R22 & R502 & ozone depleting blends & compatible with all lubricants

RS-52 is a non ozone depleting near azeotropic refrigerant blend which can replace R22, R502 and the interim ozone depleting blends (eg R402A, R403B, R408A etc) without the need to change the existing lubricant or make any changes to the system other than adjustment to the expansion device in some cases. RS-52 is targeted towards lower temperature applications.

RS-52 is compatible with all lubricants including both the traditional oils such as mineral and alkylbenzene oils and also the new synthetic poyol ester lubricants. Converting to RS-52 is a straightforward process which avoids a costly and often technically unsatisfactory retrofit (eg draining the oil from the system replacing the seals etc).

RS-52 is a capacity match for R502 and has a temperature glide of less than 1°C. RS-52 can also replace R22 in systems which are rated for R502. RS-52 is suitable for use in flooded systems.

Performance Characteristics

  • Close performance match for R502
  • Can replace R22 in low temperature applications
  • Compatible with MO, AB & POE lubricants
  • Lower discharge temperatures
  • Near azeotropic blend
  • Suitable for new & existing equipment
  • Capacity match for R502
  • Low temperature glide < 1°C
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Non flammable
  • Low toxicity
  • No changes to hardware needed

RS-52 Capacity & Coefficient of Performance

Capacity & Coefficient of Performance

High Capacity

The high capacity of RS-52 qualifies its use as a direct replacement for R502, R403B (69L), R402A (HP80), R408A (FX10) & R411B without any loss of performance. Discharge pressures are similar to R507 and R404A.

The high capacity of RS-52 at low temperatures is a prominent feature of this new refrigerant.