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Refrigerant Services Inc (RSI) has patented technologies covering the reclamation of high and low pressure refrigerants and the separation of refrigerant and solvent mixtures. RSI is also working on new technologies to provide solutions to associated problems that are arising in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. These processes are low cost, flexible and produce high quality products. RSI is believed to be the only company in the world offering a packaged separation service for refrigerant and solvent mixtures.

RSI reclaims waste refrigerants, separates refrigerant mixtures in Canada and has an associate company in the USA providing a similar service. Licensees of RSI's technologies are located in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia.

In 1998, RSI was recgonised under the Environmental Awards Programme for 1997 by the Nova Scotia Environmental Assessment Board for its voluntary actions to preserve and enhance the natural environment. The company was awarded a plaque acknowledging its consistently responsible environmental management policy. The Plaque is the highest award presented to a Nova Scotia business by the Board. Nova Scotia Environment Minister, Don Downe, praised the company for developing refrigerant separation technology that is being used worldwide to separate hundreds of tonnes of mixed refrigerants and other chemicals that would otherwise be unusable.

The main products and services available from RSI are:

  • Reclamation of refrigerants to meet the ARI Standard
  • Separation of a range of refrigerant mixtures to a min 99.5% purity
  • The "RS" series of non ozone depleting refrigerants to replace CFCs and HCFCs which are compatible with existing lubricants, such as mineral and alkylbenzene oils, and also POE lubricants:
    • RS-24 (R426A)
      drop-in replacement for CFC12
    • RS-44 (R424A)
      drop-in re3placement for R22 and particularly suited to air conditioning applications
    • RS-45 (R434A)
      R22 replacement in OEM and retrofit applications. Suitable for use in flooded chillers
    • RS-52 (R428A)
      replacement for R502, R22 at low temperatures and the interim ozone depleting blends eg R402A, R408A, R403B etc
    • RS-50 (R442A)
      low global warming replacement for R404A & R404A, and R22 in refrigeration
    • RS-70 (R453A)
      lowest GWP Drop-in replacement for R22 on the market
  • Service provider for Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC). RSI collects surplus CFC and HCFC refrigerants through a network of over 100 wholesalers across Canada.
  • A cylinder refurbishing service through leading wholesalers. RSI is a Transport Canada registered requalification centre for cylinders of all sizes.

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