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Low Glide Alternative to R407C

RS-45 is a near azeotropic blend with a glide of 1.5°C with compares to R407's glide of 5°C. The high glide of R407C can result in icing up of the evaporator & fractionation of the blend which results in high pressures in the condenser & reduced performance. Consequently, the application range of R407C is limited &, for example, is not suitable for use in flooded systems, chillers, low temperature refrigeration, refrigerated transport, cold stores & other applications.

RS-45 overcomes these problems with its high cooling capacity, energy efficiency & near azeotropic features as well as being compatible not only with synthetic lubricants such as polyol esters but also mineral & alkylbenzene oils. RS-45 is suitable for use in both air conditioning & refrigeration applications.

Evaporator Glide

Compression Ratio

High compression ratios can result in increased energy expenditure and the potential for compressor damage. RS-45 has a compression ratio which matches R22 across the range of applications where R22 is commonly found.

Refrigeration Discharge Temperature


RS-45 is compatible with both the traditional and new synthetic lubricants so that there is no need to change the oil when converting from R22 to RS-45. RS-45 is suitable for use with mineral, alkylbenzene and polyol ester oils.


RS-45 is non flammable under all conditions of fractionation as per ASHRAE Standard 34. The components of RS-45 have been subjected to toxicity tests carried out by the Alternative Fluorocarbons Environmental Study (AFEAS), and have been declared to be of low toxicity.


Because RS-45 is a blend, it should be charged into the system in the liquid as opposed to vapour form. There is no need to make any hardware changes when converting from R22 to RS-45 but there may be a need to adjust the expansion device.